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Alone in the Office
Public Speaker
Businessman typing on laptop

Career Transition

Envision your ideal life and set goals to create your best year yet! You'll discard old goals..


Learn to define your expectations, needs and desires in your relationships. This is a good course for those at any stage of a relationship.

Confidence/Public Speaking

Learn to speak with confidence and make your audience want more!

High Performance/ Procrastination

Get your life into high gear! Find the blocks that are holding you back and learn how to banish them.

End of Life

Life has beginnings and ends. Together we will navigate end-of-life issues.

Therapy Session
Father and Daughter
Happy Woman

Group Programs

Larger groups and conferences welcome.

Tap into your inner child

As we age we forget the freedom to dream and that dreams do come true. Follow me to find your inner child.

In this course we focus on regaining your imagination and inspiration for life- great for groups.

Life is Lemons -Learning to let go

Life is not perfect but we can learn to embrace its imperfections.

Why.... and how to overcome it

When "why" slips in to your life, learn its not all your fault and how to learn to let go.

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