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Whew! Things have been busy

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Hi All,

First, let me apologize. I haven't been as faithful to this page/blog as I need to be. I have been taking a bit (ok a lot) of my own advice and going for what makes me happy.

As you know, in our counseling sessions I encourage you to visualize "your perfect life". While there is no real "perfection in life" there are places, jobs, and people that we can find happiness with.

In looking at my life, I determined I was only going through the motions. Yes, I have a job, and people tell me I do well. I have a home and hobbies that keep me entertained, BUT- there was something missing. Some deep, and primal. Something that made me stop in my tracks and evaluate- life.

I was not happy.

I know, much is made of happiness. The "do your own thing" crowd from the 1970s until now has made it everything from tuning out and turning on, to a cottage industry of self-help gurus that offer peace and enlightenment- after a few paid courses.

The truth is, only YOU can decide was makes you happy. Not following some trend, step program, or cultish worship. Only YOU.

Yes, there will be "teachers" along the way that will help you identify areas, Life coaches are good for that, but in the end, only YOU can make your path to happiness.

SO- with that said, at this writing, I have less than 60 days and my life will alter on a path toward my happiness.

I asked what I wanted in my life. Peace was first and foremost. It seems the majority of my life has been "chasing" something. Men, children, and jobs. Instead of chasing "something", I am choosing to move toward something.

Peace. Quiet. Contentment has been very absent in my life. There have always been demands- either work, friends, or family. So, I needed to find peace.

Each one of us has our own definition- for me, it was no neighbors, no police/ ambo sirens shrilling through the night. It was just the quiet of nature. Wind in the tree, birds singing, the common lullabies of the earth.

The land became the search. Land- ain't cheap! Especially now! Zillow has been my friend. I searched the country over with "cheap land" as my compass. I found it.

Wyoming. Middle of nowhere, end of the earth, land.

Finding the money was the next obstacle. It took some work but solved that too. Yes, I have to work more on this side, but when I cross over to peace, it will all be worth it.

Housing was the next- Houses ain't cheap! Researching all of the possibilities I found one that will be affordable, and livable, but will still need finishing work.

Moving- Wow. had forgotten what joy that is. NOPE. And that's where I am now. Packing. Looking at what to take and what I can let go of.

Letting go. Or am I shedding what I don't need for what I do?

As I move through this journey, check back. I will update with pictures and the "how-to" of my journey.

As you read this, I hope you may stop and think about what is your "happiness". It's not an easy answer and one that may start as one answer and morph into another- but it is your path to happiness.

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