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The Great Leaving part 2

In this blog, I am detailing my departure from "normal life". There are a lot of us- so much so that I have been inspired to call it the "The Great Leaving". We are tired of people, cars, roody kids, street thugs, neighbors, etc. We are moving to what is lovingly called "off-grid" living. We will have access to stores- but they are at least an hour away. We will have to grow most of our own and provide heat, power, and water.

The reason I feel it is important to share this ladies' lament is that "The Great Leaving" is not for everyone. It should only be taken with 100% eyes open. What she writes here is true and she is more than correct that she should go home-. Where she is is not where her heart is.

I feel bad for her and any others contemplating "The Great Leaving" only seeing the "adventure" and not the day-to-day........

For those that ARE ready for the change- please check out my blog- and follow my progress- I am in the middle of the move so am not posting too much until after Sept 2nd- but would love to see you all there and hear your comments!



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